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Best Dog Toothpaste and the Importance of Doggy Dental Hygiene


In this article, we will discuss the importance of maintaining a good dental hygiene regime for your dog and look at some of the best dog toothpastes that are recommended for the job.

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Periodontal Disease is a MAJOR Issue
Prevention is […]

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What Animal Shelters Talk About When They Ask People to Adopt a Pet

Helping an Animal
Shelters are saying that adoption of shelter pets means the people will gain a lifelong companion. Adopters will be saving these animals’ lives.
Each Animal is Unique and Beautiful
Most shelter animals are of several mixed breeds, giving them unique, unforgettable and […]

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How To Celebrate Halloween With Your Dog In Walnut Creek

Halloween is no longer just for two-legged kids – for some dogs, it’s the best time to enjoy walks, cute costumes and that fresh, crisp weather.
If you have the kind of dog that can never be left out of the […]

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essential skills for walnut creek dogs

Back To School Time! Essential Skills To Teach Your Dog

With the kids heading back to school, and fresher weather on the way, it’s the perfect time to sharpen up your dog’s essential skills. A dog with basic obedience training will be easier to control, and more enjoyable to be […]

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There's many great places to take your dog in Walnut Creek, including restaurants, stores and parks.

Best Places To Take Your Dog In Walnut Creek

With more dog-friendly destinations popping up across Walnut Creek, spending quality time with your dog no longer means being stuck at home.
Taking your dog out to public places is also a great way to enrich your dog’s life.
The key to having […]

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5 Life-Saving Tips To Prevent Lost Pets

5 Life-Saving Tips To Prevent Lost Pets

July is Lost Pet Prevention Month by PetHub, a yearly reminder to take precautions to keep your pet from getting lost, plus get educated on what to do in case your pet does stray from your home.
Lost, stray and wandering […]

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5 Big Benefits Of Using A Dog Walking Service

Here at the Pet Nanny, we love our Walnut Creek dog walking service regulars.
Each week, we visit local dogs and take them around their neighborhoods to sniff, go potties, and enjoy the fresh air – even as the temperatures get […]

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Protect Dog Paws From Hot Pavement

How To Protect Dog Paws From Hot Pavement

Temperatures are soaring, and the first day of summer is right around the corner. Here at The Pet Nanny, our Concord dog walking clients’ dogs are enjoying their daily walks, despite the arrival of yet another sizzling California summer. With […]

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Why The Pet Nanny Chooses Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Staying up-to-date on modern dog training techniques is an essential part of providing excellent dog walking services for our doggy friends in Concord, Walnut Creek and surrounding areas. The more we learn about positive reinforcement, the more amazed we are at […]

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The best dog friendly hiking trails in Concord, California, dog hike safety and training tips.

The Concord Guide To Hiking With Your Dog

Get closer to nature by bringing your dog on your next hike. Your best pal will love taking in all the exciting sights and smells, and you’ll both get a great workout while fighting boredom. You’ll gain a new appreciation […]

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